Slot machines. Online slots in casinos

Most of us certainly remember slot machines as the real monsters that stood in the pub and attracted all kinds of players. Many players believe in theories. Maybe you were or are one of them? Playing was fun, but you always wished you had just had a few beers at the Baar like the other people after a gambled up evening. Because let’s be honest, most of the time, you lost at the slot machine. But since the times of the slot machines, which were in the pub and are still there today, a lot has changed. Primarily online, there are many possibilities to play in peace and from home, like here on TOP10CASINO-ONLINE.

The history of slot machines has developed dramatically in the past few years, a lot of new pages have been written, and there is no end in sight to this trend. Likely, the video slot machine you play in an online casino will quickly replace the traditional pub machine.

Video and 3D: The different types of slot machines

Gaming officials come in many different dresses. While offline, the slot machines are all very similar, and the biggest of the feelings are distinct symbols, the slot machines are dramatically different. The only constant: all slots are purely dependent on luck! We will give you a brief overview of the different types of slot machines.

In the very classic slot machines, you will have three reels with three symbols each. Then came slot machines with five reels and a total of 15 symbols. The Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot comes to our mind spontaneously. But in the Internet age, there are many more possibilities, and so the so-called video slot machines have held only in the casinos. There are bonus games, such as spinning a wheel of fortune and much more, can choose the pay lines and coin values. This provides for variety!

The previous crowning glory of the slot machines is the 3D slot machine. Now symbols are suddenly in 3D and dance, smoke, bounce on the reels if the machine still has any. Sometimes birds sit on a line; sometimes boxes fall from the sky – the possibilities are almost limitless! The plumb bob expert knows all about it.

Choosing your slot machine

First of all, you are bound by the gambling offer of the casino. This will give you a special bonus for some games which you can use. Most of the time, it makes sense not to let such an offer pass by but to grab it by the neck’s scruff. If this offer then still applies to a game of your choice, that’s even better!

Usually, it would help if you looked at the odds of the games. So you look at which games you like, and then you check the winning odds for those games. But be careful: This is based on statistical probability and is, therefore, the only indicator of fairness. However, the actual odds may differ for you, as the game depends on luck. The more rounds you play, the closer you get to the theoretical odds.

If you are a player who likes to win big but also has a big budget, you should bet on slots with progressive jackpots. These are, for example, the well-known slots like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune. The probability of hitting such a prize is very low, but you are financially secure once you have done so.

Disregard these tips at your own risk! When choosing a slot machine, you should not make any mistakes, but always make decisions based on the facts!

Strategies for Slots – This is how you win more!

Don’t let yourself be carried away! Slots do not depend on skill, but only on luck. Many people think that after a few rounds of bad luck, winning the next round increases. This is factually incorrect! Each spin is entirely independent of the other turns, so you play each round for yourself, disconnected from the past and the future.

Strategies for slots are still available! You need to know the slot you are playing. If you are playing for sympathy, but your favorite slot has a 10% house advantage, you are beating yourself below value. Therefore, you must always know what the odds are.

Emotions have no place in a casino and only make you make irrational decisions. Calculate how much money you can spend on gambling each month and define how many rounds you want to play at least. With this, you can calculate your maximum stake. This will increase your game’s fun and duration, and you will not be tempted to become a slot cheat!

The most popular online slots

To give you an introduction to slot machines, we present the most popular slot titles of online casinos.

  • Book of Ra: The classic has also made it to the Internet.
  • Gladiator: The slot machine version of the Russel Crowe movie has a progressive jackpot.
  • Dark Knight: Also, a jackpot game with great animations and film sequences.
  • Thunderstruck 2: This is probably the biggest hit from Microgaming.