The advantages for Highrollers

High Rollers are as it were the VIP players of the casinos—both online and land-based. The gambling industry seems to carry this group of players on their hands and does everything they can to seduce them to play in their casino. But what exactly is a high roller, and what benefits does this status bring you?

Who are High Rollers?

Most players at casinos gamble for fun and hope to earn some extra money, but high rollers are in a different category. These are experienced players who come to the casino intending to wager large amounts of money. A high roller has an above-average budget and can bear some risk of losing money. These serious players can enjoy high stakes games at individual tables for high rollers. They often follow the motto “bet big and win big” in their game.

They get a lot of extra benefits from the casino to encourage them to keep playing at this particular casino. Although high rollers only make up a small percentage of the number of gamblers that visit the casino, they contribute significantly to the casino’s income, and that’s why the casino attracts them. Each casino sets its conditions for how much a player must invest in gambling to call themselves a high roller.

High rollers can have different names at different casinos. Some online casinos distinguish between VIPs and high rollers. Many casinos also have different loyalty levels for these specialty players depending on how much they deposit and play. Sometimes, especially when reading reviews or blogs, high rollers are also called Whales because they spend vast amounts of money.

High rollers pampered by traditional casinos

Physical casinos can attract high rollers by offering them free trips to the casino and first-class experience. Players can be flown to the casino in private planes or driven around in limousines. Once at the casino, these players are treated like members of the royal family and can stay for free in one of the most excellent suites. High rollers are expected to play gambling games for most of their stay. To relax between intensive gambling, the upper roller is pampered with free meals at the best restaurants and free tickets to the most popular shows and attractions in the city. Some land-based casinos will even offer games with more flexible rules or extend them with an extra credit line for players while playing. While these benefits are tremendous and extravagant, many players are turning to gamble at online casinos.

The decoys of online casinos

Internet casinos also lure high rollers with special incentives, and these differ from the lures of traditional casinos. For example, the best internet casinos will offer unique tables to VIPs with higher gambling limits and substantial free cash amounts in the form of Welcome Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, and Loyalty Bonuses. These players’ accounts will be managed by a personal account manager who can meet all their needs. The casino may offer tickets to special events or invite them to exclusive casino tournaments. Besides, high rollers can be rewarded by the online casino with more comp points and better exchange rates. Most of the benefits are designed to keep extra cash in your account and to ensure that the gaming experience is optimal.

High Rollers VIP Services Online

High rollers spend vast amounts of money in both land-based casinos and internet casinos. For this reason, they also expect to get the so-called red carpet treatment and not play at any casino that does not offer them this experience. As a high roller, you should pay attention to a few things before joining a casino.

Claim High Roller Bonuses

First, you want to make sure you get the best possible bonuses. Choose a casino that offers exclusive bonuses to its high rollers. Your wagers (and risks) are high, so the welcome bonus should reflect this. A regular welcome bonus that you receive at a casino often consists of a few hundred euros in credit. You will then receive a bonus credit on top of your first deposit in the form of a percentage. Also, make sure you get great deposit bonuses or reload bonuses so that every time you make a deposit, you will be rewarded well.

Be part of a rewarding loyalty program

The casino must offer a loyalty program that is worthwhile and includes Loyalty Bonuses and comp points. Loyalty Bonuses or Monthly Bonuses will help ensure that you always have some extra cash to gamble with. Comp points are one of the ways the casino will reward you for playing, and these points can then be exchanged for bonus casino cash. High rollers should enjoy higher exchange rates for their comp points to get more and faster bonuses.

VIP events and prizes

Although the online casino cannot bring high rollers to a land casino, they can make up for this with great trips that are always up for grabs and offered exclusively to high roller players. The tours can go anywhere in the world and are entirely first class. Often online casinos will reward their players with cash, popular items, the latest high-tech gadgets, and even huge prizes like cars.

Exclusive promotions and tournaments

Internet casinos will design special promotions in which only high rollers can participate. These can include promotions such as free spins and free play vouchers for specific games and lottery promotions so players can win all kinds of prizes. Internet casinos know that some high rollers are also very competitive, so they have invitations to special VIP gambling tournaments in which you can participate by invitation only.

Meet your account manager

High Rollers need a personal account manager to help them. This representative from the casino will be there to help you with anything you might need. Although the average player will need to contact the regular customer support department, high rollers can go directly to their account manager, who is already familiar with their casino account. Account managers can help with everything from answering general questions to assisting with depositing and withdrawing money.

High Roller banking capabilities

The casino should offer high rollers advantages when it comes to banking. Many will offer their players faster withdrawals that are often free of charge. This ticks quickly as players win and withdraw large amounts of money. Players also need to have higher deposit limits, so the bonuses that high rollers collect by depositing money will also be more generous.

High Roller Bonuses Online

Of course, every player at a leading casino is offered bonuses, but the amounts don’t even come close to the bonuses offered to high rollers. High rollers deposit large sums of money into their casino accounts, often over €1000 and are willing to bet on high stakes games. Because they invest a lot of money in one casino, they expect to be well rewarded. This is often done in the form of the following casino bonuses:

  • welcome bonus
  • reload bonus
  • deposit bonus
  • loyalty bonus

Cash in well with the welcome bonus

Casinos offer the biggest bonuses when high rollers join the casino and make their first deposit. The sign-up bonus or welcome bonus for a high roller often consists of a few thousand dollars/euros extra cash as determined by the deposit amount. For example, if a high roller deposits €2500 and gets a match bonus of 100%, a total of €5000 is deposited into the player’s account.

The reload bonus and deposit bonus

After the welcome bonus is forgiven, quality casinos don’t stop giving out valuable gifts. After all, they want high rollers to continue playing and wager a lot of money. Players can get reload bonuses or deposit bonuses every time they deposit money into their accounts. To keep the high roller status high, these additional deposits should still be significant, but the corresponding percentage of the bonus will be less than the original welcome bonus. However, there is a maximum of bonuses!

Loyalty Bonuses (VIP bonuses)

High rollers should also be able to collect Loyalty Bonuses, which are also considered Monthly Bonuses. These bonuses reward high rollers for their continued loyalty to a particular casino. Another way to receive loyalty bonuses is by exchanging casino comp points for cash. The casino will award comp points to players for every game played, but high rollers will receive a much better redemption rate, sometimes up to 50% higher, if they redeem the points for a casino bonus. Some casinos even payout weekly Loyalty Bonuses. So it is vital to find out what high rollers are entitled to.

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Online Slots for High Rollers

High rollers have a large bankroll and are willing to bet their money on high stakes gambling games of their choice. High rollers play classic table games like blackjack, baccarat or roulette, but also often choose slot machines because of the exciting top roller games that can be played on them.

Slot machines offer a vast range of betting possibilities. High roller slots start with bets of $100 per spin, but on many machines, you can bet thousands of dollars per spin. As with other high roller games, the more you bet per spin, the more you can win. The payout of slots games depends on how much you bet, and you can adjust the coin value as well as how many coins you bet on each pay line.

Some players feel they should avoid slot machines because the game is so fast, but playing high roller slots has been made more affordable by internet casinos. This is due to the huge bonuses they offer. You can win substantial cash prizes in exclusive High Roller Bonuses or VIP Bonuses, which means that you get a lot of extra spins in your favorite slot machine.

What type of slot machine should I choose as a high roller?

Slot games are divided into classic slots (such as slot machines), video slots or (progressive) jackpot slots. Slot machines for high rollers can be found in each category. Many factors make every type of slot game attractive. Top10Casino-online.com lists the essential characteristics of the different kinds of slot machines for you.

The classic slot machine

High roller classic slot games are pure in their design and usually have a traditional slot theme such as fruits, bars, bell, or number 7. The games have three reels and generally less than ten pay lines. Classic slots games are the easiest to play and display more basic graphics, but there is still a great chance to win a lot if you play high roller versions. Don’t be fooled by what this game looks like as jackpots usually start in the tens of thousands of Euro. If you’re looking for a simple game to play where you don’t need to learn rules and strategies, then classic high roller slots are the perfect way to try to increase your bankroll.

The Video Slot Machine

The games on a video slot machine provide a completely different gaming experience from classic slot games. Video slots have advanced graphics, animations, and sounds. Most games have five reels, but some of the latest games have more original versions or up to 243 ways to win. Games have well-developed themes, often based on big hit movies, fairy tales, Marvel heroes, and Asian cultures. Video slot games have bonus features like Wilds and scatter symbols, and you can win doublers, free spins, and even multi-level bonus games. These games can be quite interactive and can enhance your gambling experience.

Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots games can be in the form of a classic slot or a video slot. What distinguishes progressive slots games from the rest is that the jackpot is not limited or fixed at a certain amount of money. These types of games are connected by a network so that a percentage of each spin’s every wager contributes to the total jackpot. And all over the world! Because these games are so popular and so frequently played, the progressive jackpots can reach into the millions.

High roller slots should be viewed in precisely the same way as any other high wager game. If you have an infinitely large bank account and want to increase it with an entertaining gambling session, then these games could be just right.


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