The Swedish company Klarna is one of the European market leaders in the field of invoice payments. With Klarna, you can pay for your online purchases afterward. The payment option is widely used when shopping online at fashion webshops, but nowadays, Klarna also appears at more and more online casinos.

With Klarna, you can play right away and pay your bet later. Users don’t have to create an account. You also don’t need to have a credit card. Klarna gives you credit for the amount you want to deposit at an online casino. You pay no interest on this amount. In an online casino, do you choose Klarna to pay your wager? Then Klarna first performs a credit check (BKR check) to determine whether you can pay this amount. If you don’t pass the credit check, you’ll be notified immediately, and you’ll have to choose another payment option.

Deposit limit Klarna

To limit the risks of subsequent payment, Klarna applies a deposit limit of €250. However, some websites have made special arrangements with the company. Big spenders get stuck with a deposit limit of €250 at a casino and cannot continue playing. As a result, online casinos have often agreed to risk themselves and raise the limit. Think of an amount of around €1,500.

Klarna invoice payment

Klarna gives you 14 days to pay. You can transfer the invoice with a bank transfer. With the Klarna app on your smartphone, you can set up push notifications so you won’t forget a single payment. It’s also possible to set the amount to be automatically debited from your bank account on the payment deadline. Don’t have the app, and 14 days have passed? Then you can expect the first reminder by email from Klarna. For the second reminder, the payment service will cost (an amount between € 7.50 and € 13.50) will be charged.

In general, Klarna is the only payment option that allows retrospective payment. This can have the advantage of placing large wagers immediately at online casinos that currently have an attractive offer, while your salary has not yet been deposited. Please note that this principle can also be a trap for gamblers. Since the amount of money doesn’t have to be paid right away, you may be able to quickly go over your limit. Be careful with this; more information about responsible gaming can be found here.

Klarna and Paysafecard

Did you know it’s possible to buy a Paysafecard with Klarna? With Paysafecard, you can play at online casinos without the need for a bank account or credit card. Epin is the online shop of Paysafecard. In this webshop, you can buy Paysafecard pin codes online and pay with iDeal or Klarna. Login is required. This way, you can pay for your Paysafecard afterward. Convenient!

How quickly to deposit and pay with Klarna

In most cases, the deposit is speedy, and the money is almost directly in your player account. After choosing to pay with Klarna in retrospect at an online casino, you can get started on your favorite slots or game of chance. With Klarna, you can only deposit money. It is not possible to pay out your casino winnings using this payment method.

Please note that this information varies from casino to casino. Check the casino for the correct payout information. For quick payouts, it is often necessary to do an id check.

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