With PaySafeCard, you can play at online casinos and webshops without a bank account or credit card. On a PaySafeCard, you’ll find an amount of money and a pin code. By entering the PIN code during the online payment process, you can quickly transfer money.

PaySafeCard was developed by the PaySafeCard group in Australia in 2000 and was the first Secure Electronic Payment System for using credit cards to make purchases on the internet. PaySafeCard can be purchased at more than 500,000 retail shops in more than 30 countries in pre-determined amounts of €10, €25, €50 or €100. Through the Epin webshop, it is possible to buy the PaySafeCard online. You can then pay for the PaySafeCard afterward with Klarna. Each card has a 16-digit ID code that must be entered when making a payment or adding money to your casino account. With the PaySafeCard app, you can search for points of sale, request credit, and view your transactions. Players never have to worry about hidden fees or additional charges, because there aren’t any.

PaySafeCard is the brain product of a group of computer programmers and security consultants. Maintaining the security of PaySafeCard was the top priority of the design team. To show how secure the PaySafeCard banking method was, the company offered a $10 million prize to those who successfully hacked into Paysafe, and no one won this prize. PaySafeCard is free and straightforward to use, but best of all, it guarantees 100% anonymity.

How fast to deposit and withdraw with PaySafeCard

When paying casino games with PaySafeCard, you can be sure that the amount of money is in the recipient’s account within minutes. Did you win a nice amount of money at a casino? Then it is also possible to have your salary paid out with PaySafeCard by creating a MyPaysafecard account. The amount will not be refunded to the prepaid card itself. However, we recommend that you choose another payment method, such as Neteller, Skrill, or bank transfer, to collect your prize.

Please note that this information varies from casino to casino. Check the casino for correct payout information. For quick payouts, it is often necessary to do an id check.

PaySafeCard History

After only one year of development in 2000 by the PaySafeCard group, it launched its card and services in Germany for testing. The company continued to develop its product and was also able to start a PaySafeCard printable e-voucher on top of the physical PaySafeCard. In 2004, customers were able to purchase a PaySafeCard online.

During 2006, PaySafeCard expanded and started offering its services in Great Britain, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, and Slovakia. By 2008, the company had already made more than 15 million transactions. PaySafeCard was also licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) to issue electronic money in Europe. PaySafeCard joined 10 European countries in 2009 and was also authorized by MasterCard to issue the Prepaid MasterCard, called Luna. In 2010 the company entered the American and Mexican markets, and in Germany, it was launched in 2012.

PaySafeCard Casino Banking

One of the best things about using the PaySafeCard for casino banking is that the cards are available in pre-determined amounts. Players who have a smaller budget can choose the lower prices, and players who have a larger budget can deposit multiple cards at once. Further, because the cards do not contain any personal information, your information remains 100% protected and will not be exposed to any PaySafeCard casino. Because the PaySafeCard behaves like cash, the money is immediately available on your casino account.

For those players who love extra casino bonuses, the PaySafeCard banking method will give you an additional 10-20% bonus on top of any other casino bonus you are already entitled to. Besides, PaySafeCard offers its customers even more promotions on its website with great merchandise and cash. Although the card is easy to use, players have access to a detailed Help section or can email questions to support staff.

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